Welcome to Mark’s Coffee. I am a small specialty coffee roaster in the foothills of the beautiful rocky mountains. All our coffee is sourced from the finest farms from around the world, roasted in small batches, and roasted to order to ensure maximum freshness and quality.

Coffee has become a passion for me. Despite the simpleness we think of the black nectar that many start each day with, coffee is a complex fruit that there is so much to learn. It has been an amazing experience learning what I have so far about coffee and I know there is so much more to learn.

Like wine, did you know coffee can have so many aromas and tastes?

I never was a huge fan of coffee other than for the caffeine jolt. I drank my share in college but never appreciated it for taste or aroma. It wasn’t until my first trip to Europe and I had an espresso in a small Italian café in Rome that I finally experienced coffee’s possibilities. What was this incredibly flavorful liquid? If it was coffee what was I drinking before?

That started my love of coffee. I started paying more attention to different types of coffee. How it was roasted. How old it was. How it was brewed. I started noticing which cafes and baristas were consistently good and which were not.

I soon found myself buying various machines and brewing more coffee at home than buying it out. The more I enjoyed drinking coffee the more I learned about it. It didn’t take long for me to want to roast my own coffee so I could have more control and fun!

Now I have decided to take my passion and hobby to the next step and start a roasting business. I love roasting coffee! I enjoy learning about the various coffee’s, the farmers who plant and care for it, and seeing how roast levels bring out different flavors and smells. I love playing with different blends looking to bring out even more flavors and smells. In the end I love providing something that puts a smile on someone’s face daily. Sometime multiple times per day!

I want people to experience and think about coffee in a different way. To not think of coffee just as your morning jolt but to learn more about it and appreciate it in new ways.  I want to help people experience the difference in flavors and aromas depending on where the coffee originated and how it was cared for all the way to your cup. Besides providing fresh roast specialty coffee from around the world I want this site to be a place to help people explore coffee in new ways. Looks for tips on brewing methods, coffee to water ratios, and interesting news in the world of coffee.

Thanks for stopping by!