This is just a place to start. There’s no education in the world of coffee like experimentation!


Grinding coffee is so important to how your coffee turns out. A burr grinder is recommended and also to grind right before you brew if possible.


Of course, everyone has their own preferences in their brewing process (and their own ritual) but the basics of brewing are all essentially the same. Start with these as good set of basic guidelines to get your coffee mojo on:

  • Use fresh roasted coffee
  • Use a scale to weigh the proper amount
  • Grind right before brewing. Burr grinders produce a much more even grind than blade grinders, and will result in a more consistent extraction.
  • Use quality filtered water
  • The ideal water temperature is 195-205
  • Pre-rinse your paper filter with hot water
  • Don’t let it sit! Brewed coffee loses it freshness relatively quickly.

The following are suggestions and a good place to start. I am constantly reminded that everyone has different tastes. Coffee is definitely not a one recipe fits all. Try different grind sizes and coffee to water ratios to find your favorite method or to suit your mood for the moment.


French Press

Aero Press